Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12... Kaz bound today

Greetings one and all,

We can hardly believe a matter of hours (approx. 36 hours from now as we are still home...last minute stuff - like this blogspot) we will be in Kaz, and Monday we'll be at the orphanage in Oskemen. We are excited and ready to go.

Please check in from time to time. We'll try to get on daily and post some information on our adventure....of a life time.

Love, Becky and Steve


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky & Steve. Hope your journey is a fun one so far. I've got both of you (and your children) in my prayers!! God bless and keep me posted on how things go (and if you have any hints/tips for my trip definitely let me know - its looking like its going to be end of Nov or early Dec before I"m going over to Kaz for my first trip so it doesnt look like I"ll have my baby home for Christmas! ; (

Marilee said...

Steve and Becky,
Wow...What a beautiful boy. The "family" picture brought a tear to my eyes. Gotta get mom over here to see everything you have posted. She will be elated! All is okay at the house.
Marilee & Russ