Thursday, October 18, 2007

ok ok...just one more

We can't help ourselves...we know there are people in WI, and IL, and IN, and MI, and WA, to name just a few, that just wanna see more photos.

Look out comes Daniel J. Madison


Peggy said...

Cute pictures!!!! What does the middle initial "J" stand for???
Hope things continue to go smooth for you!! Love, Peggy

Anonymous said...

I have been following you, but had to read again today jus how to leave a comment for you.
How wonderful for you both - and of course for Daniel too. I'm so happy for all of you. Can't wait to meet him. Stay safe!
(Grandma?) Gill

Anonymous said...

Daniel is adorable!!!!! I cant wait to meet him!! Guess what - I just got my LOI today. Looks like they aren't going to have any 6-9 month olds for me to look at but I should be able to hopefully see a few 12-18 month old boys!!! When you get back, maybe we can meet between Blm & Chicago and you can give me some hints/tips on how to prepare for my trip over there!!

Love, Laurie H

Anonymous said...

Steve/Becky - where did you get the cell phone to use over in Kazakhstan? What was the doctor's name that you're using? Can you email me at Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Great pictures! Nice looking family! Glad to hear things are going smoothly for you guys.


Anonymous said...

Stevo - looks like he has more muscles than you ever did! Just kidding, we hope things go very well for you and Becky and Daniel - you will be a great addition to his life.
Marge and Freddy.........

Tom Ferrari said...

Just read that you'll be returning home without Daniel - is that right? If it is, I know your hearts will be in Kaz with Daniel until you return to take him home! Keep the pics coming - They're great!
Tom, Irma, Leia & Nick

Jacque said...

Don't worry! It should be easy for the court to see what great loving parents you are. Your faith has gotten you this far. Daniel will know you will be back. I believe it will all work out so he comes home with you soon!
We miss you and love you!! Be strong!!!