Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday…would you believe, another rain delay

We woke up to another rainy wet day, and din’t even bother to take the birch bat to the ball lot. We were treated to a special fall program, and all the kids participated; one group of Russian children and second of Kazakh. The kids were all dressed up, and some were dressed in native Kaz attire. They sang, they danced, and recited poems. We even got to watch Daniel dancing with a girl - it was cute, of course. It was really a nice program put on by the orphanage.

We were very impressed and could tell the kids were proud of their activities and poems. Unfortunately we are not allowed to take ANY pictures of the kids, only of Daniel. It is the orphanage policy. Daniel did finish the sand art project and we all helped put it in a frame. See photo below. If you see this same art work on E-Bay, don’t buy it. It’s a fake. LOL LOL

We spent our time between visits eating lunch at a very good Chinese restaurant. Then we shopped at a number of places, and did see a few snow flurries. Nothing that stuck to the ground…..yet. photo...and short video...hope they get thru to America and the World.


Anonymous said...

Keep that snow away!! I sure hope that Becky is feeling better. Too bad we couldnt throw something in the mail for her (but by the time it would get there, I'd have probably arrived in Aktobe!) Are you guys still looking at hiring an escort to bring Daniel back to the states (or do you think you can be apart from him that long). He sure is a cutie and SMART as a whip!!! I bet watching the dance at the orphanage was a blast. Are you getting to take him to your hotel or do you only get to visit him in the orphanage?? Take care of yourselves!! Love, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Daniel certainly looked handsome in his white shirt and bowtie. He is such a cutie you can't help but fall in love with him. Sounds like they do a lot with the children at the orphanage. About how many kids were in the program? Any news yet on how things are progressing in the courts or is it just a waiting game? You might get to build a snowman with Daniel. Hope to meet the new Madison family soon. I will be traveling to South Bend shortly after Christmas. Hang on to that bat because you never know what the weather may be like. Love, Diann

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve & Becky,

We are happy to hear that Becky is feeling better. The pics of Daniel are so sweet. He may be ambidextrous (using both hands with equal ease). Why did you decide on the name "Daniel"? What was he singing on the MOV? I dont have speakers on my computer. Take care. Love, D, M, & P