Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kindergarten and SnowMan update

HI All

Here's a few photos taken in the last few days....We had about 6 inches of snow 1/1/08, so Daniel had a good time playing with his new friends. And he even received a New Year's gift from a neighbor...a new sled. Big enough for two to ride. Yippee.

The highlight, and adjustment for the week for Papa and Mama and Daniel has been Kindergarten. Here's a few photos from Monday...he was ready on Monday at 7 and even opened the front door. Plus here's a photo of Mama and her baby's first day in school. She was heard to said .... it just seems like a few weeks ago we got him home, and now he's off to school already. Where has the time gone. LOL LOL

Plus a shot at the playground in our local mall, and another from Day 1 with his new friend....also a Russian speaking new arrival to America. We are hoping to connect with his parents and perhaps help the boys get together outside of school.

Thursday AM...we will try to meet the bus for Daniel's first bus ride to school. Our first attempt this morning did not work try try again. Stay tuned!!!


Mama, Daniel, and Papa

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