Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bathed and Cleaned and a bit colder

This morning Mama woke up with a sore throat and little tired. She fought it off for most of the day and did pretty good during our only visit, but after getting back home to Shiny River, she is sleeping and fighting it off. So this post will actually be going out Sunday AM, Kaz’ time. (It is now Sunday, 7AM. Mama still has sore throat. Fortunately we have the name of an antibotic that we can get at the drug store this morning. Hopefully this will clear it up).

We spent a good portion of the morning looking for a clock radio and a plastic baseball bat. Alas, no luck despite trying about five places. Alas alas, Mama did find a bunch more puzzles, Nija Turtles, Memory Cards, and the like. We are sure trying to help the local economy.

We were successful in buying a clock radio at Daniel’s Supermarket. It is a couple o’ three blocks from here and the grocery store has a lot of good items…juices, fruits, soups, vodka, cheese, vodka, and more vodka. We purchased the clock radio in a store in the basement of Daniels, all by ourselves. The only statement we understood from the salesperson was six months. Apparently that is our warranty period. The hotel does not provide clock radios; so now we can tell the time in dark (and these room are nice and dark and quiet) plus listen to some local talk shows, local music, and even a couple of English stations too.

OK…getting back to that Baseball bat, although we never did find one, Daniel did - on the playground. He found a two foot long stick and started swinging like a major leaguer. While they weren’t all home run caliber, he sure kept his focus on the ball and was determined to do well each time. He now knows what “good boy” means. We doing better with some basic Russian and he is progressing on the English.

And oh yes, the weather sure turned a bit colder today. This morning Papa was out in a typical October attire for a Michiganer - a short sleeve polo shirt. But not for our visit in the afternoon as the temperature must have dropped about 20 degrees from the morning.

And oh yes (again) Daniel was bathed and clean today. We also found out he is ticklish. That will surely mean lots of fun back home in America.

CLOSING COMMENT...we are unable to post a photo, something is amiss with the Internet or our Blogspot. We will try again later. WE PROMISE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Seems like you both are cooping well in a foreign country. It is amazing how well you can function even without knowing the language but it is nice when they understand English.
I am sure Daniel doesn't need to know what your are saying to understand that he is loved by you two. Hope you get well Becky! No fun being sick, so take your meds and get lots of rest between your visits. I am sure the sheer exhaustion is startingto catchup with you both. Love, Diann
World travel is tough.