Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday afternoon…one week anniversary

It has been a week since we arrived in Ust’. What a week! And it’s another sunny afternoon, but unfortunately, Mama still has a sore throat and is sleeping again. Hope these new local meds work…soon. Even Daniel seemed a bit sad this morning that Mama was not feeling good. They just blew each other kisses. It was cute.

For our only visit today, we watched a DVD of Nija Turtles. It is in Russian and Daniel sure laughed a lot. We were so curious if our little energetic, non stop action, climber, jumper good boy, would even be able to sit still. And sure he enough did. He sure din’t want to be bothered with any questions from the translator…he wanted to watch the movie. It looks like each of the Nijas has a different color mask over their eyes. I know that one of them is called Rafael…but who are the others and what are their colors…please!!!

We’re going to try a MOV file again. It is about a monkey and ends with a line about the monkey going Boop Ka. Yes, that in Russia is the same for all five year old…poo poo. Daniel laughs every time and so do we.

Hopefully our Monday update will include a healthy Mama for starters. We have a big baseball game planned on the SW lot of the orphanage. We have that globe ball and Papa did find a good size branch of a birch tree. It’s perfect for Daniel and we are sure he’ll be hitting ‘em over the fences. No exercise program needed for his parents; just the one of trying to keep up with him.

Well, just in case the MOV is too big, here’s a photo from our Sunday visit. We sure do enjoy all your comments and prayers and support. And yes, NAP…COL and Max will be awesome in 2008…you and MRR will be showing him a lot of stuff. And vice versa too NAP…lookout!!!


Anonymous said...

Got the picture! Just posted sideways! Hope you survived the game! Diddy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the cute video. Congratulations on your special one week. Yes, prayers are still going your way. We want your entire trip to be perfect. Becky, please get well.
Janet & Jim (Saudi)

Jacque said...

Sorry Becky is feeling bad, I have a cold and can hardly talk out loud this weekend (must be sympathy pains)! We will cheer you on!! How about pumpkins? Any pumpkins around to celebrate and carve for Halloween?? Daniel is so cute, I loved the accent! (and that smile). Big hugs from us to all of you.