Monday, October 22, 2007

Daniel Jake Madison...singing and eating

Hi All

Here's a MOV...hope this one is viewable without cracking any necks out there.

Yes, that will be Daniels name on his new birth certificate.

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Bye Bye


Anonymous said...

Maybe Daniel is a bird watcher...why?, there’s an employee at my work that is from the Ukraine who speaks Russian and he tells me Daniel is singing about a "crow that came in and touch more bricks".
You guys must be having a blast!! - Uncle Dino

Anonymous said...

So cute! glad he likes bananas
Ok, Steve don't you get Becky's bug. Keep having fun. Sure look forward to the blog. xxoo Mom

Marilee said...

Steve and Becky,
Happy to see my new neighbor.
Sure is cute. We'll have to have bananas on hand when you bring him home. Looks like you're having a lot of fun with him. I know you'll be great parents. You all seems so happy. What wonderful family pictures! Gloria

Anonymous said...

It must seem like a dream!!! Seems like one to me!!! Daniel Jake.....I love the name!! Would'nt Daddy be thrilled with that!!! Take care and give Daniel a hug from us....Love, Peggy..

Anonymous said...

p.s....that video is so cute.....think he wanted to eat that banana more than he wanted to sing!!!!

Jacque said...

Your weather sounds like Seattle! WE, however, had a fabulous sunny day today. Daniel is just so adorable! We love to hear his voice and see his determined expression. I will contact Bill Gates for you. You are such an Awesome FAMILY!!! Welcome Daniel Jake Madison, I love the name.

Scott & Manny said...

We are holding you close in our hearts and prayers. What a adorable young man!!! He would love to have 2 precious kitties as pets would he not? Will welcome a visit to Lake Gage next summer.
Continued safe.