Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday…Rain out game in Kaz’ - rescheduled for 23.10.07, NW lot

Hi All..Mama is better. She says about 90% or so. Throat a little sore and the antibotics help.

The sad news was, we woke up to rain and it was wet all day. Uck. No ball game. But we did want to show you his new bat. It’s a bit too tall for him, so Papa has to find a way to cut off about three inches of a birch branch. Engraving to follow that.
Due to the rain, we stayed inside and watched more Nija. He just laughed and laughed, and yes, sang the monkey Pucka song. Again, he laughs and laughs. We did find out today that we can also watch these movies in English. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to seeing the turtles speak English. He does know good boy, bye bye, and he can count one to five. When we left this morning, he left the room and then came back and said…have a good afternoon…In Russian…but the words are there.

We introduced Daniel to the world of computer games. And he seemed to understand the concept of clicking with a mouse, moving and dragging, and just had a ball. We think he got the highest score ever recorded in the history of Microsoft. If Bill Gates is one our blog followers, please check in.

Oh yes, just one more photo. Here we are playing memory game with the Mickey Mouse cards. He did a good job each time, and amazingly, he won every game. In fact, he had so many sets of cards, he gave a few extra pairs to Mama and Papa so at least we could say we had a few matches. We are so thankful that he has such good manners and likes to share. Plus, we are finding out more and more, he is a good hugger.
We have said this before...and we mean it each time. Thanks for all your posts. We look forward to checking the comments and finding familar names and new ones too. Thanks Janet and Jim...I know recall who you are.


Anonymous said...

HI Becky & Steve: Becky, you look radiant !!! What a great picture of you with your two guys. Daniel not only has a cute little voice, but he's smart, too !!! What a good memory and active mind. It's so nice that you are keeping everyone up to date and inviting new bloggers, too. I cannot tell you how kind it is to share your experience. I would love to meet you three one day. will keep watching and stay tuned to your adventure.
Janet & Jim

Anonymous said...

Loved the song!! The picture was great. It is a new kind of happiness on your face. I see you gave Daniel your dad's name. Too bad he will never know him personally but I am sure you will tell him all about his grandpa he never met. Glad to see you are better Becky. Steve, good luck on the bat! Do they have harware stores there. They might cut it for you. Love,