Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick picture from earlier today

Now a few words to accompany this photo from Tuesday. Daniel, and all kids in Kaz', love to eat bananas. They are a special treat here, and are priced about the same as they are back home.

And for those viewers with a keen eye, yes - that is a puzzle there in the background. He is so focused on putting 'em together.


Anonymous said...

Love getting these pictures and the report every day. I'm happy for you and Daniel. xxo Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cutie. We were all so happy to see pictures of Daniel. Matthew said that Daniel looks like him! Let us know what sizes he wears - Matthew is growing so fast - it's time to go through his closet again! Love you all. Mark, Deb & Matthew

Tom Ferrari said...

I'm amazed at how Daniel looks so comfortable with y'all! You three look like a FAMILY! Great pics, and we can't wait to meet your new son, Steve and Becky! I forwarded your blog to Leia to share with her. Love you guys!
Tom, Irma Leia & Nick!