Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stickers and bonding and kick ball,,,

One quick item before today's update....traffic in Oskemen is amazing. Our driver sure knows his way around, and we are grateful to have him at the right wheel. In fact, the driving wheel is on the right side of the car, so Steve sits up front on the left side, and sees everything without having to drive. Tonite on the way home after our first authentic Kazakh meal, we saw an accident right in front of us. We never envisioned this Kaz' adventure would involve worser traffic than the Loop or worser drivers than those Illinois morons we compete against everyday.

Stickers started off our morning visit - animals and reptiles. After that we tackled a 160 piece puzzle...together. Daniel sure was determined to find each piece and get 'em all to fit. We did in fact manage to complete putting it together, tho' we must attempt, it took us all day. Yet, after all that effort and focus, he sure enjoyed tearing it apart and putting back in the box. We sure hope his good manners and tidiness continue for years to come.

Our bonding time together is going well. We are trying to understand some of the basic words, yet this Kaz'/Russian language is very difficult. We do know that spaSIba means Thank You...and we try to say that as often as we can. We did meet an American in the hotel who is from Arkansas and now lives in Astana, the capital city of Kaz'. He knows the Clintons and shared some interesting comments about them, Walmart, and the like.

We have confirmed that Daniel definitely loves kick ball, and he sure can kick it a piece. He had us both worn out chasing it back and forth. The weather is mild and the leaves have all turned and fallen. As shown above, Daniel loved laying in a pile of leaves with his new kick ball. It's a globe ball and shows the USA and Kazakhstan, and one HUGE big airplane.

And hey, a shout out here to Michael need to be concerned about losing your leave-laying talent. I only got in the leaves once today, and Daniel just posed for this photo for a moment or three. Must have been nearly ten years ago that Uncle Steve got to bury Mike in a pile of leaves and leave (no pun intended, honest) him there for an hour or more. No, I din't leave him, but I did have to check in on the little tike every five minutes or so to make sure he was still in that big pile and still alive. Remember that MRR??
Thanks a bunch for all the postings .... it is great to hear from you, and from what we are reading, the word is getting out to more of Indiana, and other parts of the Heartland. Including Steve's college friends from IPT. Thanks


James said...

Very nice...I can't wait to make him a Hoosier fan, and then when he turns 18 you can send him to the great college of Indiana University...awesome!! =P

PS- I like to jump in the leaves too, dont forget about me...

Can't wait to meet Daniel!

Jacque said...

Hey! The Pacific Northwest is doing it's part!!! What a sweet boy, with the BJP face! Looks like a Becky smile!

Aunt Alice said...

Alice has a Presto instead of a computer so she asked me to look at your blog and give you her best. She says to tell you that she hopes all is well and will be anxious to hear from you. I was able to copy the blog and send it via email to her Presto so she will be excited to read your good news and see pictures.
Bill and I are so happy for you. The pictures are great. You are on quiet an adventure. God bless and keep you as a family.