Friday, October 26, 2007

Second week anniversary in Kaz'

Here's a shot of the Madisons, and our translator Alina, watching Daniel enjoy a video game. He was so excited to hear that one day he will have his own computer….he said “spasiba” and gave us both a hug. Oh, yes, he can count to ten in English. What a good boy!

Our second week anniversary

Seems like ages ago, yet it has only been two weeks since we left O’Hare and headed east. We have since caught up on our sleep, and sure have had some very good meals….Turkish, Kazakh, Russian, Chinese…and Pizza. Last night we had tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic on one full size, plus one half. It was very good and had lots of garlic. Papa loves garlic and Mama loves Pizza!

Saturday is bath day, so we will just get one visit with Daniel. We plan to spend our morning and mid day shopping at the local malls and at the Chinese Bazaar. Many of the malls here in Oskemen are very much like “antique malls” that we have in America with a bunch of vendors with small booths and a variety of items…clothing, toys, jewelry, food, and the like. A few malls are more upscale and sell fashionable more expensive items.

One of the bazaars near our hotel, http://www.shinyriverhotel.kaz/, is a maze of many little shops….all outside. It really is A bazaar. There are a few shops inside small buildings including stores that sell beef, and pork, and horse (we presume it is horse!)..all of which have been butchered and laying on tables for viewing and purchase. We hope to get a picture of some of these more unusual stores and shops.

Kazakhstan is a country of diversity and contrasts….it is really hard to put into words. For example….some cars have steering wheels on the right side, others on the left; the hot water is on the right and cold is on the left; instant coffee is just as good our ground brewed coffee; the tomatoes and olives and fruits and fruit juices are all delicious - even now at 40 degrees or less - we enjoy them all as if we were home in July or August. We have eaten Russian, Kazakh, Chinese, and Turkish, and have enjoyed some very good pizza too. We still have yet to try horse…at least Papa wants too….Mama will watch.


Jacque said...

Isn't it funny how we Americans have so many "presumptions" about other countries? It sounds like you are really enjoying your time in Kaz and that the cultural experience is just ONE more thing that you will be able to share with Daniel! You are a very Fabulous looking group! Enjoy it all you will be back in the USA with Daniel before you know it.
Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to hear about Kaz.Two more really good pictures. Translator looks nice too. Really appreciate the time you take to write---thanks.Important stuff to come next week, good luck! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

You are having too much fun. BOTH OF YOU LOOK HAPPY !!!!!!And so does DANIEL !!!!! We will travel in a month. You have given us great HOPE. Will follow your court date. Hope it's soon.
Janet & Jim