Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, 27 October....M&Ms...Daniel's first taste

We spent the morning shopping in the malls and the Chinese Bazaar. What a maze of shops that was. Mama was getting a bit dizzy with all the nooks and krannies with all sorts of winter clothing, and furs, and shoes. It must have been around 20-25 degrees, and we enjoyed a good brisk four hour shopping spree.

Our primary target was the souvenir store which had been closed for two days due to the Republic holiday. It was closed again - we will try tomorrow. Papa did buy a new winter cap…very stylish…sorrta Kaz’ looking. Mama now wants to buy some jewelry for herself. Go Figure.

Daniel had on his new sandals today…the ones we got him yesterday. We also introduced him to M&Ms (see MOV below). He loved them, as he does just about everything we bring him including apples, raisins, cookies, yogurt, bananas, to name a few.

The highlights of our only visit today were Mama was the horsey and Daniel sure liked that ride. And then as we left the orphanage, he was up at his bedroom window waving bye bye. It was sweet.

Here’s one more photo to add to the blog. Our last official visit is Sunday (two visits) and then Monday we get papers processed for the courts and such.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mama and Papa and Daniel:
Today it is cold here in Michigan too. Its easy to figure out Daniel, just hold up your left hand and point to your joint in your thumb!!! Mark was here on Saturday with Matthew, he too likes to play games on the computer, and his "Game Boy". Do you guys have your own lap top. Lots of love to all and have a safe trip. Auntie MO

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hope you can still send me a postcard from Kaz. P.S.S. Saturdays football: Purdue 35-Northwestern 17, Illinois 28-Ball State 17, Central 41-Kent State 32. FYI-love Auntie Mo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Papa and Mama:
DaD SAYS: I'm looking forward to meeting your son, and your new family. (mem)