Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday update

Just a few photos from Monday, and one video. Enjoy!
Our court date will be Friday at 10 AM...12 PM Fort Wayne and Dee Troit time.
We are now trying to get flights out of here and back to America. Could be home Saturday nite or Sunday....stay tuned.
Bye bye


Jacque said...

Good to see you back on BLOG, the latest pictures are GREAT! Good news on the court date being so quick. Flights back for just you and Steve or does Daniel make this trip? Get EXCITED, you will have lots to do to finish preparing for home!! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures. Hope things go well with the judge and your flight home. Thoughts and prayers for your happy family. xxoo Mom

Magi said...

I am very happy for you...You will be in my thoughts on Friday...Vegas Magi :-)

Anonymous said...

You all have lots of energy! Keeping you all close at heart. Love Pam

Anonymous said...

dear Papa and Mama:
Still no postcard from Kaz' and rest of Russia. Welcome home to cold and drear. I am glad you have a safe and successful trip. Did you get a chance to tell Daniel about how the Lions beat the Bears!!! ha ha love auntie MO