Friday, November 2, 2007

2 November....It's a boy

Hi All Blog Folks

We know everyone there in America is probably asleep right is 11 AM Ust' Time.

We just got back from's official. We are the proud parent of a bouncing, jumping, eating, active, boy...108 cm tall, 19 kilo weight. Brown hair, brown eyes.

We will now leave the Shiny River Hotel on the Banks of the Ulba River. Our flight to Almaty is due in at 4 PM, local time. We will have leisurely 12 hour layover in Almaty. More sourvenoirs and coffee. MAYBE Vodka to celebrate!!!

Thanks again everyone for your support and prayers. Our dream has come true....Kaz we can...

Kaz we could!!! Kaz we did!!!!


Anonymous said...

AB & US-
I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I'm sure he'll blend in great with our crazy family. :)
Can't wait til' we are able to meet him!

Have a safe flight!
Kelly and John

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo happy for you both! Now the real adventure begins. Being parents is a lifetime commitment and what a wild ride you are about to begin. Daniel is so lucky to have two loving and committed parents. How long till he will join you in the States?
You will have lots to do to get ready for a five year old. Keep me posted as things develop. Love,

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy news. Just what we wanted to hear!! Good work! It's been a long time coming. Can't wait to meet Daniel. I'm so excited!! Call when you get home. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


Jacque said...

Can you believe it?! You are going to be great parents and world travelers, (we want to travel with you)!! Steve, I saw a bald eagle soaring over Interbay in Seattle today, must have been in honor of the GREAT News!! There's no place like home, you will be so happy to get back I am sure. Stay SAFE! We love you.

Magi said...

CONGRATULATIONS...I'm very happy for you...Vegas Magi :-)