Friday, November 2, 2007

Update from on the road...Almaty, KZ


Surprise Surprise....we got connected to the internet via Wi-Fi here in Almaty. One flight completed, two more to go.

Managed to pick up a few more souvenoirs here at the airport, and only about 9 more hours before we depart for Frankfurt at 4 am. But, hey, we ain't complaining about any of it. This is a breeze!!! LOL LOL

We sure do miss Daniel, but know we will all be together soon. Probably early December all the papers will be processed and Papa will fly back to bring him home. Trip should only take four to five days. Papa will be dressed for the Ust' (UP like weather) and Daniel will be dressed real warm too.

No photos here to add to this post. It is prohibited to take photos of the plane or in the airport. We were politely advised of this.....less, we would be writing you this posting from jail and looking for a rescue team.

We are ready to get home and will now have a few weeks to complete DJ's room, and lots of calls to make on various issues. Papa sure has missed making all those calls, and Mama has missed her TV shows....

OK....thanks for your responses and continued support and prayers on our journey, and now on our journey back to America. What a country!!!!

USA and Kazakhstan.....each.....What a country!!!

One last shout out to MTU. Goo You Huskies Goo and beat up Bucky the badger in Madtown. Bucky on a stick!!!!! Go Tech Go!!!!


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh Bucky on a stick? Those are fighting words to some relatives. ;-)

DJ-is that what he's going to go by? Daniel? Dan, Danny? I like DJ it's cute.
You'll have to post pictures of his room when you get home and rest up from your trip. (Adjust to the time)

so excited,

Marilyn Peffley said...

Congratulations, Becky & Steve,
Your mom wrote this morning saying she had a new grandson. We are so happy for all of you. Daniel is such a handsome young man and your lives will be forever changed. He will bring you so much joy. We can tell he is a very intelligent child. I know you'll be so excited until you finally get him home. God Bless, Bob & Marilyn Peffley

Jacque said...

Suprise is right! I open this Blog every time I log on and tonight I was thinking I would see the last post...But Great news and surpirses. I am even more inpressed with your WI-FI experiences. Thank you for keeping to Blog alive!!

mama papa said...


becky and steve in frankfort still. 2 pm here..been here for eight hours already...two more to go.

hope to land at chicago at 9pm so will try to call a few folks tomorrow. Our fligth is lufthansa is 432.

long layover everywhere andlots of duty free shopping...expensive

foggy and 53 degrees here. we wanna get home