Monday, December 10, 2007

In Almaty...with Daniel jake

Hi All

No photos here for the first posting from Trip 2. I have Daniel Jake next to me right now...our second day together. It is going well. We have taken two walks today, and he got his physical. Plus Papa signed more papers than one does for a mortgage....seemed like it anyways. WOW

We have Tuesday off.....And Wednesday, we should be at the Embassy. Hopefully we will be able to leave on Thrusdya AM...that would mean American's next citizen would land on Thursday the 13th. Stay tuned.

I will try to let ya know as best I can. This hotel does not have the internet stability that the hotel did in Ust Kamenogorsk. And worse. Still those Kaz drivers that put all my commuter friends to shame.

Daniel did enjoy his airplane fears. He even managed to take a few photos out the window. And the best par t of the day was when we landed an hour or so after takeoff...he said....Chicago and Mama!

Only two more flights....on thursday...i pray and hope

Papa with Daniel"s head on my left hand. Time to wrestle

bye bye


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear from you Steve. Hope everything continues to go well. Give Daniel a hug for me. Love, Carolyn

Jacque said...

Hey Steve and Daniel
You guys BE SAFE! Just got off the phone with Becky. "Mama" is anxiously waiting, she misses her boys! Glad to hear all is going well and that a new Star is born!!
Welcome home! We will start the "egg" brew.
Love, Jacque, Ken and Hayley