Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday afternoon in Almaty

Hi All

Enjoyed a good breakfast with Daniel here in the hotel. They have some sort of Molasses side dish and a thick chocolate pudding. Both of us loved it...Daniel more the Chocolate...and Papa the molasses. Yummy.

And I just finished my first, and last, dish of horse. Even Daniel ate a few bites. Some of the slices tasted like beeef, other slices....not so good. Plus there were pieces of fat in there too. I left those behind. The borsh soup is very good...and seems to be enouyght to fill up Daniel. He is a good eater.

Will get some more shopping in here later. Even after just three days, I have experienced the sadness of my son at Papa not buying him everything in the toy store. I know this has been experienced by many readers of our blog. My frustration was furthered by the fact that I could not get him to understand that NO meant Mama and Papa would get him a few toys in America.

We are doing well. Keep those posts coming!!!

Love, Daniel and Steve

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