Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Touch down at Ohare Int'l on Thursday....

Wednesday AM here in Kaz'....that makes it 9 pm in Chicago and the Heartland. On Tuesday that is.

Got the flights changed to leave here on Thursday at 2 AM...and should be at Ohare on Thursday afternoon with America's newest citizen in tow. It will be exciting time...getting there, and then once we are home.

There are lots of Christmas trees and Santas around time. Sorrta surprised me there are so many, and I know understand they do celebrate...but there is no day off...and I have not seen any religious displays either.

Daniel and I enjoyed some Chicken wings for dinner. BBQ style. Plus some French Fries...he enjoyed those too. And this morning for breakfast, he seemed to enjoyed his pancakes with Chocolate...and then a couple with Sour Cream...and a few more with Molasses. Papa tried 'em all, but does prefer the Molasses by far over the other two toppings.

We should done at the embassy by the time the sun rises over the heartland. Then off to the airport to wait a few hours...and spend the rest of our tenge. It takes 12,000 tenge to make $100 US. Food and beverages are very inexpensive, and the meals have been good. Quite the variety of dishes and assorted fresh veggies and such. Plan to celebrate our last meal in Kaz with a Banana Split for lunch...along with a couple of bowls of borsh.

Thanks all. Do keep a look out for Lufthansa 430 out of Frankfurt at 10 AM and due to fly over Motown and or Fort Wayne around 2 pm Eastern. Papa and Daniel will belooking down and waving bye bye.

Daniel Jake and Papa


Dawn said...

Hey Papa Madison! Glad to hear you and Daniel are doing well and should be home soon! We're ready for our court date :) Keeping you in our thoughts,
Dawn and Sybil Frailly

Ben Potts said...


Thanks for all the updates...

I know you and AB are excited beyond words!

Neely and I look forward to meeting our new cousin!!!

*now it's time for a trip to Disney World!

talk soon,
safe travels,

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a safe flight and snooth skies. I'm so excited for all of you! (me too)
Do you think you can teach Daniel english by Christmas????
Good job, becky and steve
Love, Mom

WWG said...

Hi, :) Nice blog
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! We are thrilled for you!

Love, Pam

Anonymous said...

Becky, Steve, & Daniel,

We are so excited to learn Daniel and Steve are home safe and sound.
Good luck to all of you and this will certainly be a Christmas to remember, it's like no other!
Merry Christmas, Marilyn & Bob