Sunday, October 21, 2007

Could not resist one more photo

OK People

Just one more snapshot for the day. We are off to bed and get our strength for Monday's big game. Hope you all were able to view the video. Jim and Saudi...thanks for checking in..and do let us know who you are. We'd like to know. Thanks's the photo from this morning....tho' it is only a Nija movie, one might think he is at the controls of some space ship or mega corporation or a Big Ten Football game. You be the judge.

And next time, we;ll post a video that is in not 90 degrees off. Sorry...this is a work in progress and we appreciate your patience and comments.

Becky and Steve


Anonymous said...

Hi you two! Jacque and I were IMing this morning and she sent me a link to tis blog! Wow, you two are amazing for adopting this beautiful young boy! He is absolutely adorable and I can see how wonderful this visit is going for you. I will keep reading to enjoy your adventure with you!

My prayers and loving thoughts are with all three of you!

Kathy Staran (the other bridesmaid at Jacq's first wedding!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve & Becky-

Daniel is so cute! I hope your trip is going well, it sure seems like it. I also noticed from the picture I think we have the same laptop. Our family is so excited for you, we can't wait to meet Daniel. Have a safe rest of your trip, keep posting good pictures & stories :)

Love, Leia Ferrari

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of Daniel. I spoke to you over the phone briefly before you got on the plane. (You went into the conference room, remember?) yeah, that's us. Hope you have all your documents. Your hotel room -- standard room? Deluxe? River view? Any room in frig for dry ice packs? We are thinking of doing what you did - Shiny River versus apartment. It's newly built - 2006. Heard good things. will keep following your beautiful story. Janet (Saudi)